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Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm Player's Edition

World War III has begun. From your battalion, regimental or brigade headquarters you will lead the men of the most powerful militaries on the globe at this time in this realistic and fast-paced wargame.


Title Date
[PC] Maps pack Jul 31, 2017
[PC] Alternative art pack Jul 31, 2017
[PC] Campaign pack Jul 31, 2017
[PC] Installer v2.0.6 Mar 06, 2017
[PC] Update v2.0.14 Dec 05, 2017

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On Target Simulations
Nov 21, 2014
Western Europe
Turn-Based WEGO
Traditional PBEM
PDF E-Book

In Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm, World War Three has started, the Cold War has turned hot. Do you have what it takes to achieve victory on the battlefield or will the world end with all out nuclear war? This update to the turn-based tactical game Flashpoint Capaigns: Red Storm is being rebranded as the “Player’s Edition” as a big thank you to all players that made this game what it is now through feature suggestions, bug reports, and feedback from hours and hours of play.

After the end of World War II, Europe spent years recovering from the losses and the terrible consequences of the conflict. A whole continent found itself divided into two blocs: one lead by the United States with NATO among its allies in the Western bloc, and in the Eastern bloc lead by the Soviet Union along with the Warsaw Pact.  Separating the two, an “Iron Curtain” formed of high walls and minefields as well as hundreds of thousands of well armed troops. This was the Cold War, a forty year state of political and military tension between two superpowers that several times came close to starting World War III.  While the world survived the Cold War, the effects of the “long twilight struggle” still echo in the geopolitics and military technology and tactics of the present day.

You are the commander of either NATO or Soviet forces locked in battle on the ground in 1980’s Central Europe. As commander, it is your task to provide the battle plan orders to your units. You need to know your mission objectives, strength and weakness of both your forces and you enemy, lay of the land, weather, and time of day in order to come out on the winning end. Your crews will do their best to follow your orders and execute the plan, but in war, no plan survives first contact. You will need to think on the fly and adjust to the ever changing flow of battle.

Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm features an innovative asynchronous turn structure that models the OODA loop, huge maps, hundreds of meticulously researched platforms and weapons, detailed orders of battle, realistic modeling of modern combat including armor, infantry, helicopters, airpower and chemical and nuclear weapons, 2 campaigns and over 20 single scenarios, realistic weather conditions, modding options and much more!

This update to the game is being rebranded as the “Player’s Edition” as a big thank you to all players that made this game what it is now through feature suggestions, bug reports, and feedback from hours and hours of play. Our team is overwhelmed by the reception of the game and by the dedicated players we see on the forums. This update includes visual improvements, expanded multiplayer options as well as a better interface and combat logic, all based on your feedback!


- New OTS Standard Maps by William!

- Sudden Death Multiplayer Setting

- Added ATGM Launch Hint

- Clarified Fallen Out versus Destroyed Subunit

- Expanded Scenario Editor Date Selection Range

- Corrected Artillery Fire Kill Percentages

- Many Label Changes for Better Information

- Improved Helo Combat Logic

- Improved Scooting/Standoff Range/Resupply AI Logic

- Fixed Counter Battery (CB) Fire and Direct Support (DS) not Working Properly

- Added new scenario playable from either side or head to head


© 2014 Slitherine Ltd. and Matrix Games Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm, Slitherine Ltd., Matrix Games Ltd., and their Logos are all trademarks of Slitherine Ltd. All other marks and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Developed by On Target Simulations & Slitherine Ltd./Matrix Games Ltd.

Color box and disk with PDF manual
This edition comes with a full color printed box, full color printed DVD (with your order details printed on it) and a PDF E-Book indexed manual.