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Armored Brigade II

Armored Brigade II revolutionizes real-time tactical warfare in 3D, focusing on the intense combined arms combat of the Cold War era, from 1965 to 1991. Boasting a meticulously researched database and huge real-world terrain maps, this game offers an unparalleled combat simulation experience.

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Veitikka Studios
Western Europe
Moddable Data Files

Building on the success of its acclaimed predecessor, Armored Brigade II elevates the wargaming experience by skillfully blending accessibility with tactical depthall within a new, more immersive 3D graphic landscape. This finely-tuned balance makes it an ideal choice for both newcomers and veterans of military wargames. Engage in a simulator that offers both pausable real-time and turn-based gameplay, where every decision counts. Authentic, detailed gameplay captivates players of all levels, immersing them in a world where strategy and realism converge.

At the heart of the game are the command and control dynamics. Orders and information take time to be received and executed, influenced by factors such as training, doctrine, distance from HQ, and communication within formations. This system creates tense moments, especially when waiting for orders during critical situations. Players have the flexibility to issue orders to formations using a mix of general commands and specific Standard Operating Procedures. Engage in combat under a variety of weather and lighting conditions, each realistically affecting combat capabilities and tactics.

A New Scale to Warfare

Players can select from several vast real-world terrain maps, set across various locations in Europe. The immense scale of these maps not only enables high levels of replayability and customization but also facilitates authentic maneuver warfare, accommodating anything from a single platoon to several battalions simultaneously. This aspect of the game is further enriched by a robust skirmish generation system, allowing players to simulate a wide range of battle types across different seasons and settings, adding layers of depth and versatility to the gameplay experience. Engage in combat under a variety of weather and lighting conditions, each realistically affecting combat capabilities and strategies.

Armored Brigade II excels with its vast assortment of over 1000 meticulously researched ground and air units, encompassing virtually every type in service. They are modeled to the finest detail, encompassing features such as turret traverse speed, guidance methods, and more. This thorough attention to detail ensures that each unit offers its real-life capabilities to the fullest extent, including accurate representations of engagement distances. These units can be used in single skirmishes or dynamic multi-battle operations across the master maps. The game also offers more traditional linear campaigns.

Combat in Armored Brigade II is an all-encompassing contest of smarts, tactics, and mastery of your units, providing an enriching experience for both military enthusiasts and strategy gamers.