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Beta 2 Tournament

Join the first tournament for Combat Mission: Shock Force 2. Due to this being the first one, we are classifying this as ‘Beta Tournament’, so please bear with us if there are any issues.

This Tournament will feature 3 rounds with 3 different scenarios.

Round 1: Matrix Tournament #1: A 25 minute battle of a US patrol against a Syrian ambush.

Round 2: Ambush in al Fubar: A 50 minute battle. Stryker platoon is stopped by an ambush. Rescue is on its way, but will it be too late?.

Round 3: Wadi Scouts: A 45 minute battle. Stryker cavalry unit is tasked with scouting out defenses along a Wadi.

Player Username
Slitherine 7thGalaxy
Slitherine A Canadian Cat
Slitherine AndrewKulin
Slitherine Aulette
Slitherine Bellhuey
Slitherine Bluto5
Slitherine Chic44
Slitherine CommanderPug
Slitherine Cowboy00
Slitherine Cristi21
Slitherine DALBY
Slitherine darzininkas
Slitherine dawg327
Slitherine DirtyMark
Slitherine Downyourdrone
Slitherine Duggers
Slitherine ElvisCos
Slitherine Fizou
Slitherine Flightcaptain
Slitherine GeorgeMC
Slitherine gfs26
Slitherine GonzoGamez
Slitherine grab
Slitherine GruntBuster7
Slitherine hharkins
Slitherine JakeD
Slitherine jheinrichk
Slitherine JoelC
Slitherine john47
Slitherine JustFox
Slitherine lawran
Slitherine leemon50
Slitherine Lethaface
Slitherine LOCUSTRON
Slitherine luthiens
Slitherine MeatEtr
Slitherine Meyertal
Slitherine mhardisty
Slitherine MikeSPROW
Slitherine MrSpkr
Slitherine NickP97
Slitherine nickyscriptz
Slitherine pbem_ratdeath
Slitherine Richig
Slitherine rpadilla1988
Slitherine sgtkaos
Slitherine Shilod
Slitherine sohzaz
Slitherine Strauchdieb
Slitherine TheKenwyne
Slitherine tomoleary
Slitherine truthRealm
Slitherine Vardus
Slitherine WhiteRhino88