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Round 1: Bootcamp Battle - GB vs USSR
Round 2: Wake Island Assault
Round 3: Crescent Bay

Player Username
Slitherine AdmiralYamamoto
Slitherine AirborneBob
Slitherine Alikaliiperiammus
Slitherine amenhotep13
Slitherine Aquadoc
Slitherine Asturcon
Slitherine beburk2
Slitherine Betonpfeiler
Slitherine Bombur
Slitherine brokegnarf
Slitherine brossi
Slitherine Cagi961
Slitherine CaptainSamu
Slitherine CC
Slitherine Celeborn
Slitherine chris0815
Slitherine conboy
Slitherine Cowboy00
Slitherine dinkydou
Slitherine dolphin0810
Slitherine dragons2010
Slitherine EfortNTI
Slitherine Erik2
Slitherine FCBGamer
Slitherine Feznik1
Slitherine FireknightBarcelona
Slitherine Fl0ripondio
Slitherine GDod
Slitherine Gerardzr
Slitherine Gface
Slitherine gkersh
Slitherine Hemmelmrk
Slitherine huntdaw
Slitherine IronMarshal
Slitherine JCakus
Slitherine JHeim
Slitherine jmiller23
Slitherine JoelC
Slitherine kvega
Slitherine ladiag
Slitherine Lateralthinker
Slitherine LN59
Slitherine martD
Slitherine mauro60
Slitherine mcuccia
Slitherine mjkaye66
Slitherine mkultra
Slitherine Moonshill
Slitherine mrobinson9
Slitherine Netballman
Slitherine niconico37
Slitherine nimbusxo
Slitherine noahpaulandersen
Slitherine Notlock72
Slitherine OmegaOm
Slitherine omistaja
Slitherine polob
Slitherine Praeter
Slitherine psampson10
Slitherine pupski
Slitherine Ranger65
Slitherine reapagan
Slitherine reboot2501
Slitherine rm116
Slitherine rockmanbob123
Slitherine RooksAndKingz
Slitherine roywfw
Slitherine RRRTTT354
Slitherine rth
Slitherine saarpaul
Slitherine Schwabian
Slitherine serendi
Slitherine Shank669
Slitherine Shards
Slitherine Sidlicious
Slitherine slim00
Slitherine Snort
Slitherine sparrow61
Slitherine spearor
Slitherine spionkop
Slitherine SteveofIron
Slitherine Stormcrow
Slitherine Tapirman
Slitherine Theodulf
Slitherine Theravenseyes
Slitherine Thuram1974
Slitherine Tichtg
Slitherine Totenkopf666
Slitherine tycoon1969
Slitherine Uchmunduk
Slitherine unai98
Slitherine urfin3
Slitherine Usakan
Slitherine ussarz
Slitherine Vatutin21
Slitherine Verdere
Slitherine VonKing
Slitherine weizhinaihe
Slitherine wikman
Slitherine WolfSpider
Slitherine Wookie0606
Slitherine X4a_US_Mazzi
Slitherine XLegione
Slitherine Zedronar
Slitherine ZorroJoe