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Round 1 - Starts 15th December - Mode: Exterminatus - Map: Feeding Ground - Army Size 2000 

Round 2 - Mode: Conqueror - Map: Imperial Ruins - Army Size 2000 - Turn Limit: 6

Round 3 - Mode: Strategic Command - Map: Sanctum Sacresant (New Battle Sisters Themed Map) - Army Size 2000 

Please Note: Round Time is 10 days.

Player Username
Slitherine Afromullet
Slitherine anderarcos11
Slitherine apbevan
Slitherine ApothecaryMoth
Slitherine Asterix_von_TWC
Slitherine axiom242
Slitherine Bagatto
Slitherine Brenmusik
Slitherine cavatore
Slitherine Chagatai
Slitherine chataigne18
Slitherine Chic44
Slitherine Chimbleysweep
Slitherine Cowboy00
Slitherine CrimsonFist51
Slitherine CronusMaximus
Slitherine CyberneticCornelia
Slitherine cyberwolfstar
Slitherine daikon
Slitherine Dantihero
Slitherine DDG51
Slitherine dirtycurty
Slitherine Djunon
Slitherine DKHM
Slitherine edwin666
Slitherine ElCanaya
Slitherine eldarsuxwang
Slitherine elkai
Slitherine ElvisThiel
Slitherine espressokiller
Slitherine Fausthuve
Slitherine ggddzill
Slitherine Goncha43
Slitherine harrisonm7
Slitherine Hektorus
Slitherine HydraDom
Slitherine iijman
Slitherine ImmortalInfernal
Slitherine Jaimeme
Slitherine Karkeys
Slitherine kazhundra
Slitherine kolosm
Slitherine lagreed
Slitherine lefraneric
Slitherine Lidius1099
Slitherine LotharKnight
Slitherine lugard
Slitherine LuP941
Slitherine MadHouse888
Slitherine Maserati
Slitherine MatPandaZ
Slitherine matunai
Slitherine Mooshie
Slitherine Nikqdemus
Slitherine Okraminet
Slitherine OldBoy49
Slitherine OmegaOm
Slitherine Psichonauta
Slitherine qiuzhenghe
Slitherine Quetzecotl
Slitherine rarrb
Slitherine ratprince
Slitherine rddragoon1
Slitherine reapagan
Slitherine Reri
Slitherine Rondcuir
Slitherine S-Tier-Andrew
Slitherine Sabien
Slitherine ShamusMcD
Slitherine SlitSlit
Slitherine smallp
Slitherine telesien
Slitherine Terathel
Slitherine Theaus
Slitherine thor22
Slitherine Uchmunduk
Slitherine varangy
Slitherine warrior230
Slitherine winter316
Slitherine xxATeamxxSmitty
Slitherine Xyotic
Slitherine zatod
Slitherine zultor