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Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector - 1.2.44 - Patch Notes

Published on February 15, 2023

We're releasing a new update for Battlesector. As per usual, please let us know what you think of the list of changes. Your feedback is essential to keep improving the game.

The team is currently hard at work. We'll have news about new content soon.

Changes since 1.2.43


  • Steamdeck support. We’ve made a number of changes to improve the experience when playing on Steam Deck.
    • The game will default to gamepad controls when starting on Steam Deck, fonts should be more readable, the on-screen keyboard should display when required and better v-sync handling for smoother play.
    • Added support for gamepad controls in some PC-only multiplayer UIs such as tournaments.
  • Added support for chat messages in asynchronous multiplayer matches
  • Refactored the system that manages multiplayer turn data exchange to prevent most desyncs
  • Enabled V-sync when running on PS5, Xbox One X or Xbox Series X


Hunter-killer Missile:

  • Changed damage type from tile (all models) to splash (9 models) with 80% falloff
  • Increased damage for the base level to 120 (100)

Adepta Sororitas HQ Commands:

  • Swapped the CP costs for Spirit of the Emperor and Divine Guidance

Penitent Engine:

  • Increased attacks to 2 (1)
  • Changed damage to 70 (100)


  • Reduced evasion bonus to +15/+25 (+20/+30)


  • Increased evasion to 15


  • Increased heal amount to +50/+70 (+30/+60)

Retributor Heavy Flamers:

  • Reduced damage to 4 (5)
  • Increased cost to 50 (30)


  • Embark and Disembark actions now cost 2MP each.


  • Changed the bonus momentum gained to be based on the percentage of health the unit losses from attacks, rather than HP lost. This means that units with larger health pools will gain bonus momentum at a slower rate.
  • Adjusted 'Devotion' Momentum Per % HP damage to 0.6 (i.e. gain 0.6 Momentum for each 1% of health lost)

Bug Fixes

  • “Tyranid Prime's turning around animation is bugged”
  • Pressing "M" while in the pause menu opens the Map in-game
  • “If press ESC when the game is loading a level the options menu is opened in the background and stops the game from loading.
  • In Planetary Supremacy, army values on map screen not being updated correctly after winning battle
  • [BUG] “If story character dies during same turn that mission ends you can never get them back”
  • “Tactical map unit tooltip is invisible and getting stuck in the screen.”
  • Game freezes either at start of turn (skirmish battle), loading a game, or loading a battle (deployment screen).
  • [BUG] “Randomise All” button in skirmish setup does not work
  • “Army Management has issues for Skirmish, multiplayer and Incursion Mode”
  • Purple particles when casting Spirit of the Emperor
  • “Surprise Me” button creates excessive hang when loading game
  • “Seraphim model clips through the ground in daemonic incursion map.”
  • “In photo mode the camera can clip into the terrain.”
  • Can Capture a Siege point during Necrons revive ability
  • Dialogue cuts off when ending a turn on overwatch
  • Multiplayer Camera doesn't focus Flayed One's teleport destination
  • Army List scroll position resets when deleting a unit from an army.
  • Redundant "Hide Password" option in single player skirmish setup
  • Low-res texture in ‘Rearm and Resupply’ mission on consoles
  • Fix possible crash on PS4 related to memory management
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