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Command: Showcase "Queen Elizabeth"

Published on August 02, 2022

Command Showcase is a series of scenarios that will put you in command of the most significant weapons sensors and units in the modern era with new and hypothetical theaters of war. 

With these Showcase units, you will be subject to new challenges and different situations to overcome. With the huge Command database, constantly expanding and being updated, you may have to face a new challenge every time. – can you showcase their power?

Take advantage of distinct units types, Aircraft, Ships, Submarines..

Utilize their ammunition, sensors and weapons to get a glorious victory.


  • Complex management of the main unit
  • Each scenario is centered on a weapon, sensor or unit
  • Harness your allies or fight alone against the enemy
  • Manage and master a single unit, sensor or weapon at a time
  • Increase your skills and tactics more and more in each challenge

First Scenario "Queen Elizabeth"

Your first challenge is to manage the most modern aircraft carrier in the world: the Queen Elizabeth, in a dangerous patrol in the waters of the Chinese sea.
Intelligence indicates that a number of Chinese Warships have been deployed to the South China Sea towards your location; their intentions are unknown at the present time.


Command: Showcase "Queen Elizabeth" Out on August 18th 

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