1846 The Conquest of Mexico.

Strategic Command: American Civil War gives you the opportunity to battle for the future of the United States in this grand strategy game. Command the Confederacy in a desperate struggle for independence, or lead the Union armies in a march on Richmond.

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1846 The Conquest of Mexico.

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I'd love some opinions about this Campaign. I haven't purchased the DLC yet and this Campaign interests me the most.
Thanks for thoughts about this or any of the other included Campaigns.
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Re: 1846 The Conquest of Mexico.

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I've very very few experience about Mexican war historically -just only SGS Halls of Montezuma from Avalon Digital in video games- but I think scenario is made for specific market. It doesn't mean it is not an interesting conflict. In SGS games there were limitations for US army but in here map is bigger instead. I find -at least against AI;with the nature of the conflict- challange is somehow lacking but PBEM experience can be better. But I'm glad they did Americas Wars overall.
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