A few pre-purchase questions?

Strategic Command is a series of deeply immersive turn based strategy games covering the greatest conflicts in modern history.
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A few pre-purchase questions?

Post by MarkShot »

In 2-3 months, I should have my Matrix 50-60% discount and I was looking to see if there is anything I should pick up.

I was thinking of Strategic Command. (I have never purchased any of the titles. I have downloaded the manuals and have to make time to read one.) Friends have suggested just buying the bundle. I would either get the bundle or: WWI, WWII, WWII-Europe.

About my grand strategy gaming background:

WITW & WITE-2: I love these two titles by Gary Grigsby for their superb modeling and high quality UI.

HOI4: I tried it two years ago with all DLC at the time. I disliked it for its miserable modeling, exploits, weak AI, etc... I don't play it.

Panther Games: I was a member of the team. And although the scale is not as large, I loved the continuous play and the use of intelligent agents.

AGEOD (before acquisition by PDS and Slitherine): I was member of the team. I like the WEGO AGE engine in AJE, CW1, and CW2; I will probably pick up EAW.


My questions:

(1) How does the current Strategic Command compare to WITW/WITE-2 and HOI4 in terms of play and UI? I want something well modeled with a good UI, and not a fantasy game with exploits and a weak AI. I know this engine is less detailed than GG titles.

(2) Is the bundle "classic" titles worth owning or just the newer ones? Would I find myself playing them?

(3) How is the replay value of these titles (WWI, WWII, WWII-Europe)? I am thinking of SP and GC mainly.

(4) If I want to explore mods for the series which installation is better? Steam key or download from Matrix? Is there Steam Workshop support with most mods on the Workshop?

(5) Anything else you think I should know about this series?

Thank you for your time.
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Re: A few pre-purchase questions?

Post by Platoonist »

Well, Strategic Command games don't model every unit down to the individual tanks, squads and office equipment like most Grigsby titles. But, then I often desire a break from that level of detail. However, on the other hand it doesn't allow you to conquer the world as Paraguay or Bulgaria or mold Canada into a totalitarian police state as in Hearts of Sandboxes. It's just straightforward WW I or WWII as one or several of the major participants. One of its strongest points is it has a good introductory tutorial and learning the basics is done pretty fast.
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Re: A few pre-purchase questions?

Post by Aspirin »

1. SC is simpler, I prefer it to WITW / WITE / HOI4 (they have too many units for my taste). Gameplay + UI are smooth
2. The classic ones were excellent, although I only play the newer ones now. That said I do know people who play the older ones (the classics have slightly smaller maps).
3. Great, I routinely play for a while, play something else for a while, then return to SC
4. Don't know, I haven't tried them
5. AI is really good for a game of this type.
Also the most recent version looks at the American Civil War (plus there is a DLC [War in the Americas] which looks at other less well known conflicts from the period, which all play out quite differently). This is well worth getting, even if WW2 is your
usual game setting
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