New patch and China 37

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New patch and China 37

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I applaud the Increased Japanese experience in China 37 scenario, however I have a few observations, In the change notes it says added air superiority unit however it appears the added unit is actually another Tac unit, also I wish the lopsided victory objectives had been addressed as well
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Re: New patch and China 37

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Oops. What is the lopsided victory thingy? Refresh my memory.
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Re: New patch and China 37

Post by ncc1701e »

On my side, I must say I am super happy with the Noumea gambit opening no more possible.

Thank you Alvaro.
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Re: New patch and China 37

Post by stjeand »

AlvaroSousa wrote: Mon Jan 30, 2023 3:00 pm Oops. What is the lopsided victory thingy? Refresh my memory.
Will have to test. What I see now if Japan needs 137 VP to win minor 145 to win major.
Allies need 332 for minor 345 for major

Turn 1, BEST possible Japan takes 2 VP. I have had games where I have taken none...and others when only able to take 1 but will go with best possible.
Any good Chinese player will not lose another for probably a year.

I will guess at number of in 1937 approximately 13 turns are available.
1938, 26 turns
1939, approximately 17 turns.

This is an approximation...I did not do the full math.

SO IF the Japanese get 2 VP locations on turn one that will give them 2 VP X 55 turns...For a total of 110.
If they can take another a year later...That would be 1 for around 30 turns for a total of 140...
THAT looks doable.

Allies have 8VPs turn 1...6VPs for about another year for a total of: 158...NOW there are 29 turns left.
NOW there are 3 VPs that would take a miracle to take or a big Chinese lets say they get those for the 29 X 3 is 87...Add that to the starting year value you get 245. There are now 2 VPs left to play around with...Lets say Japan does not take them as happened IRL. 2 X 29 is add 58 to 245 you get 303....

I think Japan can do it...but they have to capture the 3rd VP in the middle of 1938 or so...OR it starts to get close.

I think it will work out...

Easy enough to test if someone wants too.
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