Su-34 fullback cannot carry AA-12?

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Su-34 fullback cannot carry AA-12?

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Everything I’ve read says the SU-34 fullback can carry the R77. But in the game it cannot?
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Re: Su-34 fullback cannot carry AA-12?

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If you think the game missing a weapons load, go here and submit an "New Loadout Request". Be sure to supply documentation/links: ... new/choose
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Re: Su-34 fullback cannot carry AA-12?

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I just checked and found an open db request for this already. ... ssues/1789

In this case it appears there is verifiable evidence of use. I had first thought it might be a case similar to the statement below from the mega FAQ. I generally go by the rule of thumb to look for photos of operational units with the weapons in place since a lot of aircraft can carry weapons but don't in normal practice.

"Why aren’t F-111s armed with AGM-65 Maverick missiles in the simulator?

Just because an aircraft is able to physically carry a given weapon does not mean the pilots train to use it operationally. For example, while A-10A Thunderbolt IIs are authorized to employ laser-guided bombs, they never do because Mavericks, iron bombs and cluster bombs are their weapons of choice. The F-111Fs are authorized to deliver Maverick missiles but they never train with this weapon, preferring their trusty LGBs instead."
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