Strat Command WW1 Hot seat question

Strategic Command is a series of deeply immersive turn based strategy games covering the greatest conflicts in modern history.
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Strat Command WW1 Hot seat question

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Somewhere on the web was a breakdown how to hot seat the game rather then PBEM, sending the files back and forth. Now I cannot find it and other hot seat mentions the hot seat folder. Looking at the game file dir I cannot find the hot seat folder as well, any ideas?


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Re: Strat Command WW1 Hot seat question

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Save files aren't kept in the game's main installation folder, but instead can typically be found here:

C:\Users\[User Name]\Documents\My Games

Selecting first the folder for the relevant game.

Then Multiplayer (or the foreign language equivalent for those who don't play in English).

There is then a Hotseat subfolder within that folder, where the save turn can be found once you have started the game and played the first turn.

It will be the autosave file, just rename it, zip it up, and email it to your opponent.

Do not play any other turns at all between hitting end turn and renaming the autosave, e.g. if you played a turn against one opponent, then played a turn against another, the autosave would be overwritten by the last turn played.
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