Naval cruise mode glitch and work around.

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Naval cruise mode glitch and work around.

Post by OldCrowBalthazor »

Hi... occasionally when I have a fully supplied ship or transport that I want to Naval Cruise, I found that both methods to enable the mode won't work (selecting the unit itself or using the lower tool bar). This is a rare occurrence but it's happened in nearly every SC-3 game I have played.

Recently was in a situation that was critical to get a transport with heavy tanks to a destination asap.
Had the glitch. Was stymied. But after thought...I deselected that transport, selected another unit far away loafing on a Pacific island, then deselected it and went back to the transport. Viola I was able to Naval Cruise that transport.

Was recording the event while trying a work around. It won't be public for sometime but in the future will put a link on this thread so it can be viewed. Not sure if this always will work but decided to share this possible solution to this vexing problem. I have seen other YTbers run into this glitch occasionally...and heard about it from other folks I was playing in the past also.

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Re: Naval cruise mode glitch and work around.

Post by mdsmall »

I often find that I can't put a unit on naval cruise, even if it meets all the criteria to do so. I find that if I save my turn, log out and then log back in, the unit is then able to cruise. It's not a big hassle, but it is an odd glitch in the game system. This is true for SC WW1 as well.
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Re: Naval cruise mode glitch and work around.

Post by Hubert Cater »

Thanks guys and if you ever come across this again where it is repeatable, please let me know.
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