Turns and seasons

Strategic Command: American Civil War gives you the opportunity to battle for the future of the United States in this grand strategy game. Command the Confederacy in a desperate struggle for independence, or lead the Union armies in a march on Richmond.

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Turns and seasons

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Hello, new to this game. Can someone explain how the turns and seasons is working? How many turns is it in a month for example? Very confusing. Thanks!
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Re: Turns and seasons

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In summer (Jun 21-Sep 20), turns are 7 days long.
In autumn (Sep 21-Dec 20) and spring (Mar 21-Jun 20) turns are 11 days long.
In winter (Dec 21-Mar 20), turns are 21 days long.

Turns alternate per side, so from one Union turn to the next Union turn in summer will be 14 days.

Note that in the campaign setup where it says the campaign is 82 turns, this means 82 Union AND 82 Confederate turns.

Hope this clears everything up :)

Ryan O'Shea - Designer - Strategic Command: American Civil War & Wars in the Americas
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