SC WaW Tournament questions

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SC WaW Tournament questions

Post by kshriner »

Curious how they are updating scores. My opponent unfortunately doesn't know how to participate in tournament or work/life/ghosted. (alternatively, I hope I'm doing it right! ;)) That part is disappointing but fine as I'm not looking to win (I'd rate myself at about 2 out of 5 stars heh...,) but it did spark my curiosity on scoring.

I have two questions, (1) I am currently at 85 points. I completed my first turn as axis and uploaded. My opponent who has not uploaded their response is at 44. But I see a wide variety of scores. I assume this is calculated primarily on unit losses and damage caused. Then I assume there is a final turn calculation of cities held per victory conditions VC? (Btw, listed axis decisive VC seems a little optimistic for 1943 even against intermediate AI let alone another human player.. heh! ;))

(2) Second question is to confirm I am participating correctly. I click PBEM/Online link, then tournament button on lower right. I see two files that are red to me. Is there two files because if my partner was responding, I would be playing two games simultaneously one as axis and one as allies? Or are there two files to give the opportunity to start the first turn as axis to both players? Without a way to communicate to your partner or point buy, why would anyone choose axis in the 1943 scenario?

Looking forward to next round. Thanks for any thoughts. Do we know if next round will be the middle 1941 scenario? Maybe I'll go play a game against AI to warm up. :)
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Re: SC WaW Tournament questions

Post by BillRunacre »

Hi kshriner

Hopefully my answers on the steam forum help answer your questions here too! :)

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