Attachment Versus Command Radius

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Attachment Versus Command Radius

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I am confused about command radius as defined in Napoleon’s Campaigns (which appears to be quite different from the definition in other AGEOD games I own).

Section 5.4.2 of the manual states that a “Corps never suffers penalties for being Out of Command Chain if located within the Command radius of its parent Army HQ. (Note that Command Radius and Attachment Radius are two different concepts.)”

Section 5.5.2 informs us that “command radius” depends on the leader’s strategic rating. For a leader with a strategic rating of 2 to 5, command radius “is limited to the region in which the Army HQ is located and all adjacent regions.”

However, all of this appears to be contradicted in Section 5.6 which states that “a 2-star Leader in a Corps that is within the Attachment Radius of its parent Army provides six (6) Command Points. This same Leader, if present in an Independent Force, would provide only three (3) Command Points.”

Notice that this quote refers to Attachment Radius, when according to Section 5.4.2 shouldn't it be referring to Command Radius?

It is also contradicted by what I see in-game. For example, the opening French positions for the “Spanish Ulcer – The Peninsular War” has an Army HQ located in Madrid, led by Murat (Strategic Rating = 4). One of this army’s Corps is in Burgos to the North. Burgos is three provinces away from Madrid and therefore outside of Murat’s command radius. But the Burgos stack (the outrageously named Corps d’observation des Pyrenees-Occidentales) is not suffering any out of command penalty that I can discern.

The Burgos stack has 14 command points (Max of 12 from leaders in stack (Section 6.1.4) plus the strategic rating of its army commander (4) minus 2 (Section 5.5.4)). But it should only have 50% of this total.

Finally, Appendix C: Shortcut keys says that Shift reveals the army command radius. However, in-game Shift actually shows the attachment radius and not the command radius as defined by Section 5.5.2.

I’m very confused. Can anyone clarify?


My main question is how distant a Corps can be from its Army HQ and still be considered "in command."

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