Some comments!!

Tigers on the Hunt is a World War 2 hard-core tactical wargame for PC.

It creates a truly and immersive depth tactical simulation. Tigers on the Hunt boasts a ferocious and adaptive AI which will dynamically respond to a player’s maneuvers.

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Some comments!!

Post by omegaall »

All right been playing around with this game.

So it’s a computerised subset of ASL. And no I don’t play ASL . I cannot be bothered with players chasing the rule book every move.

Some points with TOTH:
Squads and the LMG:
Squads, be it US, UK , Russians or German all had LMGs as a squad weapon. Why the need to assign these to a squad? Garbage.
A half squad may not have had the LMG but the other half squad did.

Halftracks carry squads; they are not by nature a totally offensive units as portrayed. All had MGs. The MGs were either shielded or not nation dependent.
With Germany the HT:
The mittlerer Schützenpanzerwagen (3.7 cm Pak) (Sd. Kfz. 251/10) was used as platoon leader’s vehicle for Panzergrenadier units and Sturmpioniere units.

The Sd.Kfz. 250 and Sd.Kfz. 251 were troop carrying vehicles. The Sd.Kfz. 250 though to its smaller size had a less carry availability.

The US half-tracks are similar. They have a carry capacity of about a squad or Platoon HQ units.

So bluntly, units should be able to be loaded in to some of these halftracks.

Squad leaders:
With USA, UK, Germany and to some extent USSR each squad had a built in leader. Be it Cpl or otherwise.
Also most nation run with 1 leader, be it Lt or Sgt, and 3 squads under that leader. There were very few squads running rampant with out a formal leaded. So why is that happening in TOTH?

With TOTH, and I suspect ASL, there can be a large amount of squads with no leader. WOW!!!
To my knowledge this did happen in 1940, with the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, French forces, but why propagate this state of affaires.
Oh I forgot its ASL. Garbage!

Fine make a computer game based on the rules of ASL but things seriously need adjusting.

Before you all go bonkers, yes I do I play games.
A small summery:
    TheProSIM series:
    • Battle Group Commander, Episode One
      Air Assault Task Force
      The Star and the Crescent
      The Falklands War: 1982
      Raging Tiger
      Armored Task Force
      BCT: Brigade Combat Team
    TacOps V4
    HPSSims Series:
    • POA2.5
      Tigers Unleashed
Plus games I bought and ditched and have no recollection of this wasted money..

Also I have writer various editors for some of these games. Yes that means a deep dive into the code. Tough!

DO I have other comments?
You bet, but later.
This game has a lot of potential; I would hate to see it wasted.
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Re: Some comments!!

Post by altipueri »

What do you think of Valor and Victory - another almost ASL game ?
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Re: Some comments!!

Post by genesismwt »

Simply put, ASL is an abstraction, not a simulation. ToTH is the closest that the ASL rules have been translated to computer code, but is not complete. The makers of ASL wanted a game that gave you the feel of being at squad level without the tedious accounting of single men, rounds, grenades, who's MG is working, whose isn't, etc.

Leaders in ASL are the leaders that make a difference and get results on the battlefield. Not having a leader within every squad that can rally gives one the feeling of helplessness and despair that can happen on the battle field. Leading lower quality troops can feel like herding cats in ASL. Side note, the Finnish squads in ASL have the paper TO&E Sgt. Rock built in and can rally the squads themselves.

I agree on the half track issue but I am not a programmer to say why bringing the transport rules from ASL to ToTH wasn't done. All I can say is ASL treats halftracks in the manner that the OP mentions, along with varying carrying capacity based on the size of the vehicle.

I have all but quit playing ASL because of the copious amount of rules. Again, although ASL is not a simulation, they packed staggering quantities of details into the game that makes one think its a simulation. That being said though, if you can get your hands on a copy of the rules, they pack alot of commentary about design choices and limitations into both the rules and the footnotes.
The game is afoot!

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Re: Some comments!!

Post by Peter Fisla »

Thank you genesismwt for your explanation.
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