Official Strategic Command Tournaments

Strategic Command is back, and this time it is bringing you the Great War!

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Official Strategic Command Tournaments

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The point system is as follows:

1) Victory Conditions - Map situation is in effect right from the get go, e.g. current victory conditions are weighed into the score, and of course victory conditions change from the start of the campaign to the finish.


2) Kills Ratio - The strength point losses in MPPs you inflict on your opponent relative to the strength point losses in MPPs he inflicts upon you.

3) National Morale Ratio - National Morale of all your major nations on your side, including those that have surrendered (those that have surrendered will have 0 NM applied to the formula) relative to 100% will factor in to the score

4) MPP Growth - Current total MPPs relative to your at start home MPPs for all major nations on your side will factor into the score as well, e.g. if you are expanding and your opponent is contracting, you are doing better with this factor than he will be etc.

* * *

The major portion is the current victory conditions, e.g. item 1), while items 2) to 4) will push that score a bit higher or lower depending on how you are doing.

Scores are relative to 100 points, and if you are in a MAJOR VICTORY position which equals 100 Victory points, then you can certainly push higher than 100 points if you are also doing very well in the other categories, or push a bit lower if you did not do so well and paid a heavy toll to get there. Doing well also generally means your score is pushed higher while your opponents score is pushed lower, and vice versa.

* * *

If your opponent does not play then they would be kicked from the next round and you would collect the BYE points of 75 per game.

* * *

Once it begins, you can access your Tournament games by entering the PBEM area, and then clicking on the Tournament button at the bottom right of the screen.
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