SAM decoys

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SAM decoys

Post by Craigkn »

Ground-based SAM decoys are often used in the real world, but not directly modeled in game. I wonder what others approaches are for including decoy SAM or Radar systems in-game. This is what I am working on:

- advanced Inflatable decoy: base SAM unit with all weapons/sensors/magazines removed, nearly enough non-useful mounts added to look similar. In-game, a hostile contact will report the number of mounts on the target, so if your site has 12 mounts (like a very full S-400 battalion), then your decoy needs close to the same number of mounts. The inflatable decoy should look identical to the target, but not act like the target (no radar emissions, etc).

- radar decoy: base SAM unit with all weapons/magazines removed, set to out of communication, radar set to active (or some intermittent radiation using the new EMCON settings). Deliberately not adding mounts to match the mount number for the real unit - the goal of this decoy is to emit like the target, but not look exactly like the target.

So far in my testing, the advanced inflatable decoy approach seems to work pretty well - the only minor issue is the game counts them as a real SAM site for scoring, so scoring needs to be based on the specific SAM unit, not the general category of that unit type.
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Re: SAM decoys

Post by tylerblakebrandon »

I generally just empty the magazines and the mounts so the SAM site is just an empty SAM site. If I want to prevent emissions I just damage the emitters.

If I want to emit I just set it out of comms.
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Re: SAM decoys

Post by kevinkins »

Hi ...are you simulating a specific era of post war combat? I have enjoyed playing around with MALD. Yes, it is a modern technology. But, in a high end conflict today, they will be used in initial waves attacking into contested airspace.
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