v1.068 - Update Available Now!

Armored Brigade is a real-time tactical wargame, focusing on realism and playability
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v1.068 - Update Available Now!

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We have a new update available for you all to download and play! It is available via the check for updates button on the game launcher, as well as from the following areas:

It is available to download in the 'Downloads' section on the product page - Armored Brigade Product Page or direct download via this Armored Brigade Download link

• Fix: Duplicate wreck sprite resource names of the Italian/Belgian/Dutch M55 Quad AA-Gun (the application crashed) and the Italian/Dutch Bofors 40mm AA-Gun (a Yugoslav sprite was loaded instead).
• Fix: Spelling of Pyhtää on the South-East Finland map.
• Fix: The game executable file is now High DPI Aware, so the game window should always be scaled correctly.
• Fix: Time elapsed since the last frame update is now calculated differently. This hopefully fixes all the screen 'stuttering' issues.
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Re: v1.068 - Update Available Now!

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Thanks for the update. :D
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Re: v1.068 - Update Available Now!

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Thank you!
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