I regret buying from Matrix store (Napoleon)

John Tiller's Battleground Series is a Hall of Fame lineup of games covering the Civil War and Napoleonic Wars. We've compiled these classic games into two new affordable collections, incorporating updated versions of these legendary titles. Incredible historical gameplay and great value!
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I regret buying from Matrix store (Napoleon)

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Man I should have bought directly from Wargameds. I bought JT's Napoleon from Matrix and the engine it uses is outdated. Wargameds has the newest engine and better graphics. Is it possible to update my game to look like the Wargameds games? Where is the link to these mods and how can I install them? Thank you!
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Re: I regret buying from Matrix store (Napoleon)

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The updates can still be downloaded from the specific game's product page on the wargame design studio website under the updates and downloadable files dropdown.
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