I urge you to try Alea Jacta Est

Alea Jacta Est is a series of Ancient Strategy Games using the renowned and proven AGE engine. The first in the series is Alea Jacta Est, which features the Roman Civil Wars. Other games in the series are Birth of Rome and Parthian Wars. The latest entry, Hannibal: Terror of Rome, highlights the Second Punic War.
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I urge you to try Alea Jacta Est

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There is very little activity on Matrix forums for ancient, Napoleonic and even ACW games.

I think it a pity because these were some of the classic wargame periods.

Do try these wonderful games with great maps made by Ageod and published by Matrix:

Alea Jacta Est https://www.matrixgames.com/game/alea-jacta-est

Napololeon's Campaigns https://www.matrixgames.com/game/napoleons-campaigns

Ageod's American Civil War https://www.matrixgames.com/game/americ ... d-the-gray
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