Who thought it was a good idea to crash on the splash screen..

Ageod’s Wars of Succession is a new game designed to cover two major wars that consumed Europe at the eve of the 18th Century.
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Who thought it was a good idea to crash on the splash screen..

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.. if your speakers aren't plugged in?

I've just got a new (second-hand) PC that can be dedicated to all the Slitherine-published games from Steam and all the ones from here, so I have been happily installing them all again.

All the Steam ones work. The ancient and medieval ones from here work, but this one crashes on the splash screen when starting to play the game.

Grrr. Uninstall, reinstall, making sure everything is 'run as admin'.

Still happens.

It turns out that it expects to be able to play a (totally unnecessary) tune when it loads (for the first time, music gets turned off first thing, when I can run anything!) and crashes with a fault if it can't.

Plugging in some speakers and annoying other people here for a couple of minutes, and it works.

It's particularly annoying because sound isn't in the system requirements at www.matrixgames.com/game/wars-of-succession at all, yet here I am, having wasted thirty minutes trying to work out why something that works on the other PC doesn't work on this one.
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