I am WAY too late but what a great game!

This exciting new release is a faithful adaptation of the renowned Conflict of Heroes board game that won the Origins Historical Game of the Year, Charles Roberts Wargame of the Year and the James F. Dunnigan Design Elegance Award, as well as many others!

Designed and developed in cooperation with Uwe Eickert, the original designer of Conflict of Heroes, and Western Civlization Software, the award-winning computer wargame studio, no effort has been spared to bring the outstanding Conflict of Heroes gameplay to the computer. Conflict of Heroes includes an AI opponent as well as full multiplayer support with an integrated forum and game lobby. To remain true to the core gameplay of the board game, the PC version is designed to be fun, fast and easy to play, though hard to master. The game design is also historically accurate and teaches and rewards platoon and company-level combined arms tactics without overwhelming the player with rules.

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I am WAY too late but what a great game!

Post by saminurmela »

After the new Valor and Victory (which is very good and promising base to build on) had rekindled my interest in computerized tactical boardgames, I felt hungry for more and deciced to buy Conflict of Heroes AtB+SoS (which I had tasted and dismissed back when the first 3D-only demo was released).

And boy was I pleasantly surprised! The boardgame graphics with top down view and hires counters made this a totally different game. When testing the ancient demo I had not even bothered to dig deeper into the mechanics of the game... Now I played the tutorials and read the surprisingly short rulebook and was totally sold. This game hits all the right notes after being a bit disappointed with TotH (cumbersome UI) and both incarnations of LnL (just didn't like the mechanics).

Now I have been reading through all CoH posts here in Matrix forums and downloading scenarios and maps.
A big thank you to Eric, Erik and Uwe for making this game possible and huge thanks to Jamm, rico, maitrebongo & other scenario makers/modders - I just managed to squeeze a close 9-8 Axis victory at Bread Factory #2!

Too bad the game seems to have gome out of development years ago... how I wish there could be some way to awaken the bear again!
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Re: I am WAY too late but what a great game!

Post by Firebri »

I am getting back into it again now. The chits with a 3D map is great for game play.

I wish the devs would make a title with the Americans, and British in.
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Re: I am WAY too late but what a great game!

Post by qsmiron »

This title also struck me. I do not require much, but if they implemented PBEM ++, this game would surely gain: D. And by the way, it could use some fresh update. As for me, the game is very fun: D
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