darn it

Combat Command is Boku Strategy Games World War II operational game. strategy games played warfare on a hex playing field with turn-based game play utilizing company-sized units. Game design aspects include turn phases, combat resolution, unit design, scenarios and artificial intelligence.

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darn it

Post by wodin »

Hmm, looks like I'll never be able to buy Combat Command being discontinued.
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RE: darn it

Post by dduckett »

That's unfortunate because as others have said, it's a pretty good game.
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RE: darn it

Post by Talon_XBMCX »

Arg ... I do wish they would announce before they discontinue (or maybe I just missed it). Been on my list for a while.
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RE: darn it

Post by ThomasJay »

Seems to be all the Boku strategy games. Horse and Musket was discontinued a couple of months ago from the same dev. it is a shame, they're good games and don't seem to be available elsewhere.
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