Just thought I'd make mention

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Just thought I'd make mention

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I posted this in the other forum of the same game design.

It's worth saying here too.

They're nice, quick board game like programs, and they lack a Tiller interface :)

There really isn't a lot to do in playing the game. You do movement and you do combat. The trick is to move everything wisely, then choose your battles in the best sequence.

You click on the target, you then click on anything adjacent wishing to participate, the odds are given, you choose to attack or not.

Unfortunately, 'Next' turn does not mean next turn, it means Next Phase, ie go from movement to combat. Then next player.

Otherwise, this game is no worse than Heroes of Normandie, or Heroes of Stalingrad which also are short on obvious interface commands until you calmly observe what your mouse clicks are doing.

But I will mention, you will pay a lot more for the other games, and get nothing more serious in a wargame.

I wish more wargames were made like this.
Wargame, 05% of the time.
Play with Barbies 05% of the time.
Play with Legos 10% of the time.
Build models 20% of the time
Shopping 60% of the time.
Exlains why I buy em more than I play em.
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