Welikije Luki scenario - repair rails?

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Welikije Luki scenario - repair rails?

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Playing as Soviet and captured Welikije Luki hex. I bulit a depot in this hex and now the only thing to repair is the rail in this hex in order to get freight to Welikije Luki depot. How to manage it in order to repair this hex? I found no troops which can repair this rail in this scenario or do I make anything wrong? Is it possible to repair - manual says, that building depot at Welikije Luki hex should be done..
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RE: Welikije Luki scenario - repair rails?

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I don't think there are any rail repair units in the scenario. There is a slight advantage in building a depot in VL even without a rail attachment. Returning damaged elements will be returned to the nearest depot and converted into some small amount of freight, which can be used to replenish nearby units. This represents damaged equipment returning to local maintenance and repair facilities. However as you've noticed, you won't be able to repair and advance your rail line in the scenario.
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