Found Out How to Edit Maps!

From the first clash at Manassas to the epic confrontation between Lee and Grant, the Brother Against Brother series will bring new levels of historical detail and realism to the battles of the Civil War. This regimental-level game, created by the developers of the award-winning Forge of Freedom, builds on that game’s acclaimed tactical engine, adding scrupulously researched orders of battle, high-quality map graphics, command and control rules reflecting the numerous challenges faced by army commanders, and plenty other features. Beginning with The Drawing of The Sword – which recreates the pivotal opening battles at Manassas , Wilson ’s Creek, Mill Springs and Williamsburg – Brother Against Brother lets you refight the Civil War from start to finish.

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Found Out How to Edit Maps!

Post by UnionWarDog »

I'm currently setting up some scenarios and OOB. My first goal would be to create the SHILOH battle but I can't seem to find out how to add ironclads to the OOB.

I think, now that maps can be create, that this should open a whole new prospect for this game. :)
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RE: Found Out How to Edit Maps!

Post by zakblood »

good luck and wish you all the best and look forward to seeing and hopefully playing what ever you wish to share and or make
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RE: Found Out How to Edit Maps!

Post by BigBog »

Hi UnionWarDog, Zakblood, or anyone else who knows--

Wondering if anything has transpired here or if anyone can share how to edit or make a new map.

I just bought the game with the Holiday sale and after some graphics mods actually like the game a lot--enough to maybe make a few small map engagements.

However, since there is no map creator/editor--I'm assuming that map creation is based on some form of hex-editing? not sure however what to do (load it)or how to interpret the map *.gbmap files, as there are LOTs of zeros and then I see areas of the file where there are numbers. Not sure what those reflect as far as terrain-?

Any help here would be appreciated and if I do map a map, I'd post it up for all to use/enjoy.

I've done some text editing on the scenario files, but really want to make a map of Pea Ridge or some of the smaller battles to try.

Best Wishes,
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