Winter Desolation

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Winter Desolation

Post by TomTry »

Hi all,

Really struggling with this scenario. I know how to issue commands and navigate the UI etc but playing as the Finns, everything I try ends up with my getting slaughtered. Does anyone know of any English Youtube video of a playthrough of this scenario or any AARs that might provide a steer?

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RE: Winter Desolation

Post by mmacguinness »

There is no cheap way to win this one.
In the initial phase, speed is all-important. Get there firstest with the mostest.

I achieved a Major Victory for the Finns as follows:

1. Set all motorised infantry platoon Formations to "Free". Speed is critical, they won't waste time trying to maintain or re-form formation.
2. Order the first two platoons on the southern road to travel FAST to the church on the NW corner of the village, dismount and establish a blocking position, DEFEND oriented to the NE on the road into the village. They will arrive moments before the lead Soviet element.
3. Mortar fire mission on the road into town a couple of hundred meters from the blocking plations. Hopefully, this slows the Soviets.
4. Order 3rd Platoon to move FAST and establish a position in the center of the village facing NE.
5. 4th, 5th and 6th Platoons: It is important to avoid traffic jams. Reduce their SPACING and order them forward to the intersection with the southern road. When the last vehicle of 3rd Platoon passes, order them FAST to the South part of the village and establish defensive positions. When they get there, organise them in VEE formations defending the exits from the village.
6. Tank Platoon. You need to protect the PLAYER vehicle. Organise the tanks into VEE formation, and REVERSE so the forward two tanks are in the ruins, the PLAYER tank is further up in the woods, DEFEND facong the road from the village.
7. A couple of minutes after Soviet vehicles get through or around your positions in the village, fire a mortar ILLUMINATION mission over the point on the road from the village where the woods give way to the marshy ground. Be careful, you only have four ILLLUMINATION fire missions, one for each mortar. Hopefully, the flares light up Soviet tanks so you can kill them before they can see you.

Note: This a "Die, but do!" mission for the Finns. Before launching the mission, I gave them +20 Morale for increased motivation.


1st and 2nd Platoon raced in to establish positions around the church, getting there and dismounting moments before the Soviets arrived. Mortar fire missions hammered the road where it came out of the woods, slowing the following Soviets. 1st & 2nd Platoons held off the Soviets more than long enough for 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Platoons to esablish their positions in the southern half of the village, but were finally overwhelmed before they could withdraw and join the other platoons.
Settled into good defensive positions, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Platoons held until their ammunition was expended, destroying multiple AFV's and three tanks, then they were overwhelmed.
Only one AFV and two tanks made it through the woods into range of the tank platoon. The tanks were illuminated by flares and destroyed.
The Soviets were stopped, but at very high cost.

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RE: Winter Desolation

Post by FJ203 »

Man that's some insane casualty rates! Even after the fighting is over, the Soviets still have over 100 men left while the Finns only have less than a platoon left. Great job on your command.
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RE: Winter Desolation

Post by mmacguinness »

Thanks. But no genius, took a half dozen tries to optimise tactics, could still do better, maybe.

The fighting was very intense, no holds barred, close range stuff.
The Finns were overwhelmed when their ammunition was expended. Up to then, their casualties were moderate, impressive kill ratio at least 3 or 4 to 1.
Once the ammo ran out, annihilation.

I have always had a problem with the AB ammunition allocation for motorised and mechanised infantry units in AB, and for leg infantry units in defense.

The nominal ammo allocation is a unit of supply accounting thing. It's not supposed to be a ration,"go fight and come back when you need more, or just fkn die" thing, but that's how it is in AB. In practice, units going forward into action, or establishing a defensive position, will grab as much as they can stuff into their vehicles or trenches/bunkers.

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Re: Winter Desolation

Post by Coff »

I'm a new player and doing the single missions in order. This one took me four tries, but I finally got an amazing result so I thought I would share what I did.

I individually ordered every APC go fast into the city or nearby and unload next to trees or preferably a building. The infantry immediately get in cover and defend towards the two roads or surrounding forest. The APCs move back and defend so that they can shoot from a distance, as they can be vulnerable.

I brought the three tanks into the city too. They are positioned to the left (around the gray player symbol) where they can fire into the road chokepoint and be safe.

The mortars initially all shot HE onto the roads. Then once the APCs, tanks and infantry are set up, I shot illumination two at a time, east of the city. This reveals enemies and allows everyone to shoot. Some units will try to creep through the forest so its important to face those areas as well as the road chokepoint.

First attachment is the initial setup when all units have got in position. Third screenshot is during the battle showing some illumination placements.
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