MP Grand Campaing 1850 - 1920

Pride of Nations is a turn-based historical strategy game set in the colonial era of the 19th century, where the player takes control of a country and guides it through industrialization, military conquest, and colonization. This release from AGEOD follows such successful historical strategy games as Birth of America, American Civil War, Napoleon's Campaigns, Rise of Prussia and Wars in America.
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MP Grand Campaing 1850 - 1920

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An international team of 14 players invites you to join our multiplayer PON game, we have been playing for a year and now we are only making a 75th turn. All major countries are already taken, but there are many other interesting countries.

We conduct diplomatic correspondence between players in the style of the 19th century in the Slack messenger. It's very fun and educational. The language of international negotiations is English.

The history of our game, including the great European war of 1851-52, can be read here:link

List of countries for which there are players:

Austrian Empire - booked
Russian Empire -booked
British Empire -booked
Kingdom of Sardinia - booked
Kingdom of Prussia -booked
USA - booked
France - booked
Kingdom of Belgium - booked
Ottoman Empire - booked
Spanish Empirez -booked
Japanese Shogunate - booked
Kingdom of the Netherlands - booked
Kingdom of Portugal - booked
Kingdom of Sweden - booked
Empire of Brazil - brooked
Swiss - brooked

Players Required:

Qing Empire - free
Mexico - free
Argentina - free
Two Sicily -free
Kingdom of Denmark - free
Egypt - free
Persia -free
Siam - free

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RE: MP Grand Campaing 1850 - 1920

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Here is an example AAR of our Sardinia-Piedmont player:

Declaration of war to Duchy of Tuscania

All Italians were shaken by cruel banditry, which ex-ruler of Parma, Carlo Bourbon organized after loosing the last hope to convince the peoples to recognize his tyrannical regime again. He started bloody revenge to own former subjects using brutal thugs and paying Austrian gold to them. There were investigators of the Sardinian Royal Gendarmerie directed to investigate those bloody crimes. They detected and proved without any doubt the fact of an even more outrageous betrayal of the Italian people, even stronger moral degradation of the tyrant ruler, even more disgusting hypocrisy and lust for power!
Despite the false statements of neutrality, Duchy of Tuscany created bases for the Bourbon mercenaries, there they were arming, supplying and sneaking from the Sardinian army and police. This is more than just hostility, this is an act of the war against all Italian peoples. Сrime cannot stay unpunished, and the miserable traitor has no any right to call himself a sovereign ruler in the Italian lands, especially since the name of his family, the house of the Habsburg-Lorraine dynasty is the symbol of the most grim and dark pages of our national history. Honour, justice and, at last, citizens of Florence require to otherthrow the Duke Leopoldo II.
The Kingdom of Sardinia announces that from now it is in war with the Duchy of Tuscany and intends to protect the natural right of the free citizens of Florence to establish the power that they want and deserve, taking out the crown from the unworthy head of a traitor and oath-breaker!

Corrierre della Sera, 02/09/1853
Citizens of Parma voted for the future

Celebrating peoples crowded streets of the Parma. Yesterday, the evening “Corriere della Sera” required two additional editions and they were printed soon by local typographies. It was not because our journalists get any exclusive breaking news again. This time the news were quite predictable, but still very positive, and our readers bought the paper just for pleasant memories.
The City Hall of Parma published the result of plebiscite about future rule in the region. More than 93 % of participants voted for the integration with the Kingdom of Sardinia. People dream about unification of Italy and appreciate all the efforts of Savoy dynasty to make that dream true!

Corrierre della Sera, 02/21/1853
The Republic of Re-borning Italy

Victorious troops of Duke Fernando, supported by naval squadron under the flag of Duke Eugenio, liberated the Tuscany. Leopoldo ІІ, with his family and a few supporters, has emigrated. The population were glad to the end of bloody tyranny and organized militia for keeping order in the city. Also, Republic of Central Italy was founded. The Florence was a historical center of Renaissance and now it becomes the political center of Risorgimento. It is a modern form of social progress and advance designed to satisfy the Italians' aspirations for independence and national unity. The Constituent Assembly of the Republic would be elected in the near future and will determine the organization of power in the Tuscany.
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