[Logged] Weird behavior of AttackContact() function

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[Logged] Weird behavior of AttackContact() function

Post by DracheTek »

When I use the "mode = 0" (automatic engagement) of AttackContact() function, I am expecting exactly same outcome as "selecting unit(s)-press F1-select target(s)", but there are two major differences:

1. Assigned units does not turn to 'Engaged Offensive', and player needs to manually move them in attack range.
2. Released weapons seems to look for target arbitrarily in their final approach to target. If look at the targeting vector of weapon, you see it attaches to all units near assigned target.

Here is a save containing a target airfield and 10 aircrafts. Use special actions to see how these aircrafts and their weapons behaves differently with two different AttackContact settings.
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RE: Weird behavior of AttackContact() function

Post by Rory Noonan »

Thanks for the detailed report and save file, it really helps!

Logged for investigation.

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