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Birth of America 2: Wars in America is the much expanded reprise of veteran developer AGEOD’s acclaimed first release, which allows players to command either side of the conflicts before, during and after the American War for Independence between 1636 and 1815. Apart from the engaging turn-based strategy play that has been expanded and vastly improved over the original, Birth of America 2: Wars in America includes major new features like an improved and expanded map including the Mississippi River, new European off-map boxes (France, Great Britain, Spain, Holland) and more.
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Hoyt Burrass
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Current Patch

Post by Hoyt Burrass »

I see the 1.10e patch here, but it does not successfully can I find the latest patch and where can I DL it?

Thanks in advance....nevermind, it appears to have resolved itself...very slowly
Roll Tide
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Re: Current Patch

Post by Delaware »

I have the same issue and the file never downloads from the AGEOD FTP
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Re: Current Patch

Post by Nikel »

This is the last patch.

And after that, there was a quick fix 2 to be applied. It is in the link below.
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