Crash to desktop when zooming out at higher resolutions

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Crash to desktop when zooming out at higher resolutions

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When I have the resolution set relatively high (I run on a 4K monitor), whether in windowed mode or not (I performed most of my testing with a window because of the resolution flexibility it affords. See below), and attempt to zoom all the way out with the scroll wheel, the game immediately crashes. This happens right at the beginning of the main campaign

In my testing, I've found that there's a resolution that if you stay at or below it, the game will not crash when using the scroll wheel to zoom out. That resolution is 2459x1231. Go but 1 more pixel higher in either direction and the game will crash to the desktop when you attempt to zoom all the way out. The issue is independent of the vsync settings, or any other settings that I'm able to determine save for resolution.

Attached is a zip file that contains the settings folder and all its contents, as well as the dxdiag output as you request in the "README FIRST!" message. The LAUNCHER.INI resolution therein is 2458x1232, and that resolution does induce a crash. The log file is from a crashed run with those settings. Reproduction is straightforward: load the autosave with the settings as contained in the zip file and then use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom all the way out. It will crash immediately upon attempting to reach the most zoomed out view. You can try zooming out slowly, one step at a time, and you'll see that it will crash at what appears to be the last zoom transition that's possible. If you manually alter the LAUNCHER.INI resolution to 2458x1230 and try it again, you'll see that you're able to zoom all the way out without issue. It is because manual alteration of the resolution is possible in windowed mode that I used windowed mode for most of my testing, but the issue also occurs at full screen with resolutions such as 3840x2160 (the native resolution of my display).

It may be that the crash is related to the size of the map relative to the selected resolution. On that, I can't be certain.

Anyway, hopefully this is enough to make it possible to fix this. And I really would like a fix for this, because it would be really nice to be able to play this in a very large window, or even at full screen resolution. Thanks!
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