Anyone Still Playing this ?

Assume the role of one of the best and most charismatic generals of World War II, George S. Patton, commanding the Third U.S. Army into historical conflicts from Normandy to Berlin along a Campaign composed of 21 different mission with varying objectives.
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Anyone Still Playing this ?

Post by Firebri »

This is a good game. I would like to take the voices off. They get on your nerves a bit.

I enjoy it because I get to live, for a while ! lol Some games are so hard.
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RE: Anyone Still Playing this ?

Post by Kuokkanen »

I got the game some days ago. So far I have got through tutorials and first scenario following tutorials. This game reminds me whole lot about Pathway to Glory from 2004. Is it just a coincidence or is somebody among the developers fan of the N-Gage game?
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