CMO RUNNING POLL - Gameplay feature requests

Take command of air and naval assets from post-WW2 to the near future in tactical and operational scale, complete with historical and hypothetical scenarios and an integrated scenario editor.

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Re: CMO RUNNING POLL - Gameplay feature requests

Post by trevor999 »

Mgellis wrote: Thu Sep 22, 2022 3:36 pm Not sure if this has been requested elsewhere (I think I did for the original poll a couple of years back)...

Would it be possible to update the map so major rivers, the African Great Lakes, and other large bodies of water can be navigated by ships? It doesn't have to be every river, but a few of the really big ones like the Amazon and the Mekong and perhaps the Congo offer possibilities for brown water scenarios. Smugglers. Pirates. Border incidents. River patrols during the Vietnam War. Same for the African Great Lakes.

Maybe it would be possible to convert anything listed as Land: Water in the terrain map to very shallow water (with a depth sufficient for small boats, amphibious craft, etc.)

Thanks for considering this.
I asked something similar awhile ago regarding land areas that showed negative altitude (underwater). The reply I got was essentially "The map is the map. What do you want us to do about it. Tough nuts."
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Re: CMO RUNNING POLL - Gameplay feature requests

Post by nointernet »

Transient wrote: Tue Aug 16, 2022 7:08 am With the wonderful Time on Target feature available now, can there be a button which would allow for the earliest synchronised ToT to be automatically calculated and automatically input in the ToT time input box?

Currently I am finding that I have to manually check every flight’s take off time to verify that none are ‘in the past’, and would therefore not take off.

If I am missing something that would allow me to avoid the above tediousness, would some kind soul let me know? Thanks.
+1 to this feature request!

One doesnt need to check every flight. It seems that after putting some time (even deault)-> click on create or update flightplans -> go to flighplan editor and select LAST callsign (it seems to be always sorted by time, descending time of start). It is going to show you exact time of launch of the first strike package ... then just do the math (time diff between current time and that above mentioned time , plus add some buffer like +5mins)..

But , yes it would be very nice to have it as as one button 'Calculate fastest possible coordinated strike time'
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Re: CMO RUNNING POLL - Gameplay feature requests

Post by Zyph »

Make the top part of the Database scalable and most important add a favourite button/folder.
Thank you for a great game!
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Re: CMO RUNNING POLL - Gameplay feature requests

Post by KC45 »

Unlimited Ammo for specific (AI) side only. It makes easier for scenario maker, if they care number of ammo in player side, but not AI side.
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Re: CMO RUNNING POLL - Gameplay feature requests

Post by 2dnochan »

could you add the turn-based model like the combat mission, and the turn-based model which assemble the turn in the harpoon such as one turn represents 30 minutes during traveling or 3 minutes during combat
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Re: CMO RUNNING POLL - Gameplay feature requests

Post by BDukes »

Any chance you could make database viewer photos rotate as the primary (large photo). So t1 the first time you open the entry. T2 the next time etc. etc?

Pretty selfish request, if I do say so myself. No worry or expectation on this one ever. :P
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