The Wargamers Club for Gentlemen (WGCG)

A turn-based strategy game like no other has landed. Approachable, absorbing and visually impressive yet detailed, Battle Academy aims to revolutionise the strategy games market with a blend of intuitive design and compelling game play driven by cutting edge technical innovation. The game has more than 30 battles in a range of theatres of war from the North African desert through D-Day to the to the snowy Ardennes mountains where the Allies battled to repel the final German offensive. Now with additional battles on the Western Front with the expansions 'Blitzkrieg France', 'Market Garden', 'Operation Husky', 'Sealion' and 'Rommel in Normandy'.

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The Wargamers Club for Gentlemen (WGCG)

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Hi everyone!
Please let me introduce -
The Wargaming Club for Gentlemen (WGCG)

The WGCG, (formed in 2011) is dedicated to providing a friendly and enjoyable place for wargamers to meetand play.
From Ancient to Napoleonic and through to modern war, all games and eras are supported here,
People are welcome to join us, just go to the club website > ‘Apply for Membership’, and follow the instructions there.

The WGCG have a number of leagues, supporting over 200 games, including JTS games and Matrix/Slitherine games.
We also store records of gamers/members stats and support leagues for all the games, along with running Tournaments for the members.

Why not come and check us out and better still,join us?


Quality is better than quantity !
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