WINE and OSx

This classic strategy game designed by Philippe Thibaut allows you to take charge of several of nearly 80 playable nations during the tumultuous and war torn period between 350 and 1066. Success hinges on military might but economic and administrative prudence too. To master Europe and beyond every area of statecraft must be mastered first!
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WINE and OSx

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Just to report that this game runs under WINE in my Mac (Wineskin 2.8.8, engine 3.21); normal install, just by adding the winetrick mfc42.dll.
In the setup utility turn logo off. No music is heard.

To emulate the Pause/Break key some heavy tweaking must be done, but it works

(I opened with an Hex editor and searched for the code representing Space (20 00 39 00 01 00 00 00) and replaced it with the code representing Ctrl-Break (13 00 E0 46 01 00 00 00)

Now the Spacebar emulates the Pause/Break key)

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