windows 10 compatibility testing part 2

Kharkov: Disaster on the Donets is the latest strategy title from the award-winning team at Strategic Studies Group. A synthesis of the very best elements of two critically acclaimed and top-rated game systems, Decisive Battles and Battlefront, and a successor to both, the new Kharkov: Disaster on the Donets brings to life a campaign of epic scale and dynamic battles on the Eastern Front of World War II.
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RE: windows 10 compatibility testing part 2

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Still working on it...I had some very strange graphics results but am trying various "compatibility modes". When I first ran the game my computer recommended making it compatible with Vista...that didn't work...then it recommended XP...that didn't work. Now I'm trying native Win10 again, we'll see. I also need to try to Tutorial, because so far I'm not getting something...

[EDIT] I've just tested this again under native Win10, after trying Vista and XP compatibility. While sometimes the game will act normally for a brief period, soon enough something happens that makes it impossible to continue--either the problem I mentioned above, or dialog boxes cannot be closed, etc. In short--I've found this game to be completely unplayable under Win10, well, at least if I try to play more than half a turn or less. Very disappointing.

[EDIT2] I just tried to run it one more time. When I first opened the program, it worked fine, I could click on units, open and close dialogs, etc. But then I let it sit open--without doing anything--for about half an hour while I worked on other stuff on my computer--and when I came back when I tried to open dialog boxes the graphics were screwed up and I could not close them. Had to Ctrl-Alt-Del out of the game...again.

Not going to try any more with Win10; if I get bored later today I might try to install on my WinXP laptop and see if it actually works on it.
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RE: windows 10 compatibility testing part 2

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@76mm I have exactly the same issues aswell. I really like the game but it is unplayable this way... :-(
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