Where can I purchase?

Norm Koger's The Operational Art of War III is the next game in the award-winning Operational Art of War game series. TOAW3 is updated and enhanced version of the TOAW: Century of Warfare game series. TOAW3 is a turn based game covering operational warfare from 1850-2015. Game scale is from 2.5km to 50km and half day to full week turns. TOAW3 scenarios have been designed by over 70 designers and included over 130 scenarios. TOAW3 comes complete with a full game editor.

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Where can I purchase?

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I have The Operational Art Of War IV but I can't find anywhere to buy Norm Koger's The Operational Art Of War III.

Any help would be appreciated.
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RE: Where can I purchase?

Post by ncc1701e »

I have just checked and indeed seems this is no more possible on Matrix store.
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RE: Where can I purchase?

Post by Snackie1337 »

Is there any other way to buy it (preferably downloadable)?
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Re: Where can I purchase?

Post by Polyknikes »

how can we buy this game?
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Where can I purchase TOAW III? SPOILER: You Can't

Post by Moriturus »

TOAW III is no longer available for sale; TOAW IV has replaced it. TOAW IV is essentially an updated version of TOAW III, so you should buy that if you are interested in TOAW. I bought TOAW III a long time ago, and with the code provided with the game I can still download it from Matrix, so you could try buying it used if it comes with the code (which you need even if you buy the disk). You're better off buying TOAW IV though, because my understanding is that it's better, just as TOAW III is better than TOAW II (which I also still have somewhere in storage I think).

If you wait for a sale on Steam the price of TOAW IV drops significantly, down to the cost of a good burrito. Then just skip your next burrito, and you can afford it. Any version of TOAW is better to have than a burrito. :D
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Re: Where can I purchase?

Post by Dave25210 »

I don't think that TOAW IV is necessarily better. TOAW III is much easier on hardware, plays well even on very dated /10+ years old/ laptops etc. The new version interface has some nice extras as well as improved graphics and other elements, under the hood game seems identical or very similar to me, although I don't consider myself TOAW series expert. Also, TOAW IV wont for instance display SS unit "runes" /bitmap font in earlier versions/ as well as having issues with German characters display /ÄÖÜäöü/... little quirks but can be annoying, and don't think there are any workarounds possible...since most scenarios are imported from previous versions of TOAW, the quirks are frequent.
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