MC CD still processing

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El Che
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MC CD still processing

Post by El Che »

Data placed: 06/13/2001 09:51:13
Is that normal? :confused:
(just a question, not a critic)
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Post by Warrior »

It has become obvious to me that the date we originally placed our orders has no bearing on when the CD's will be processed and shipped. Once the present backlog of orders IS shipped, then I would assume there would be more of a "soonest ordered, soonest shipped" situation. My original order was in March, but my confirmation shows a 6/13 order. (I'm still in process, too.)

All of this is no fault of Matrix.
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Paul Vebber
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The fullfillment house has been running a couple days behind in updating the order status, last we heard was all teh orders had been sent to shipping, so they should be picked up by the shipper no later than monday.

If you don't get the game by the end of next week then either there was a problem with your shipping address (our problem) or a problem withthe shipper (that does ocasionally happen) in both cases you will get your game, in the former we will ship you a new one, the latter youhave to initiate a tracer and if it comes back that no pakage was picked up, then we will have the fullfillment house go through its paper work and if indeed it was never picked up it will be shipped, other wise a lost article report is made. How that works depends on the shipper.

we apologize for all the confusion and yes, the order of shipping was determined by how your data transfered over, it it transferred with no error then it shipped early, if it required a lot of manual intervention it shipped later.

Now that we seem to have stable and efficient store up, orders will now be filled first come first served.

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El Che
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Post by El Che »

Hasta la victoria siempre!
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Post by waynef »

I Pre-ordered the Mega Campaign 3/29 to show my support of Matrix.

Today is 6/21 = No CD! :(
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Thanks, Wayne
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Post by jamiep1 »

4/2 order on mine. NADA.

Jamie Phelps,
Your support request has been completed. Reference Number :Deleted by me
Hi Jamie

Yes we did send out account information for the new store early this week. We also show you have and order with us and it is already being processed.
admin 15-Jun-2001 19:59:45

Thanks for using the Matrix Games Help Desk
Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

This was in regard to your support request:
>Haven't received anything further on order status

Daniel Heath

Still Nada.

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David Heath
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Post by David Heath »

Hi Guys

Look I am sorry some of you are still waiting but there is little we can else we can do. The CD maker really screwed us over and we are dealing with this as best we can.
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Post by volz423 »

At least we can see that some people are getting their games. Mine has been 'processing' since 6/13 (ordered over a month prior), maybe it'll just show up before your people update the system. However, now it's Saturday and I don't expect much. :rolleyes:
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