Province wierdness and expected behaviour

Crown of Glory: Europe in the Age of Napoleon, the player controls one of the crowned potentates of Europe in the Napoleonic Era, wielding authority over his nation's military strategy, economic development, diplomatic relations, and social organization. It is a very thorough simulation of the entire Napoleonic Era - spanning from 1799 to 1820, from the dockyards in Lisbon to the frozen wastes of Holy Mother Russia.

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Province wierdness and expected behaviour

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In COG 1.1 there are a few province wierdness (well, they seem wierd to me) [note: under the hood anything that can have troops of its own is called a player, and any territory on the map is called a province - a player that can have a human is called a nation]

a) There are two multiprovince players who are named after a subordinate province - Batavia (of Batavian army fame) is actually capitaled in Friedland, and Morocco is capitaled in Oran. To conquer or liberate etc go for the regional capital, not the province that just happens to have the same name as the player.

b) Several players have a different name to their province (besides the ones referred to above) -
-- Tripoli becomes Tripolitania
-- Venetia becomes Veneto
-- Zealand becomes Denmark
-- Lower Egypt becomes Egypt
-- Krakow becomes Poland in 1792 (and Krakow the rest of the time)
-- Pest becomes Hungary
-- Banka becomes Algeria
-- Damascus becomes Syria
In these cases, the player name and the province name can be thought of as interchangable.

c) Berg and Sicily, while they can be players in their own right, start as subordinate provinces of other players. That can mean that ceding or liberating the larger player will detach them. Similarly, Poland in 1792 starts with half a dozen subordinate players: you can seperate 'em.

We are using this info to help figure out whats wrong with multiprovince players, and what the expected behaviour should be.

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