Really rather good...

Battles In Normandy is the third game in the Decisive Battles game series. Battles in Normandy recreates all aspects of the Normandy campaign, from the landings on the first day to the final climax of the campaign at Falaise. Strategic Studies Group rewrote the Decisive Battles game engine for Battles in Normandy with a host of new special rules for amphibious and airborne operations, plus a huge number of other enhancements.

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Really rather good...

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I bought this as soon as released (in fact, so quickly I nearly bought SPWAW:GE ).

Never played KP (TAO ages ago) and have only tinkered with the tutorial and manual until today...but had a go with Cherbourg scenario today (finally the house was empty!). Got (I believe the technical term is) my ass handed to me on a platter. Didn't lose a unit, was on outskirts of Cherbourg...bur waaay too late. This was very good. I am terrible, but the game is great, even better than I expected.

JSS kindly sent me the 76 turn scenario today. On the basis of Cherbourg, I shall wait a while and try Cherbourg a few more times! Playing HttR seems to give me little "experience" for playing this.[:(]

Thanks to everyone involved in this. Great bit of kit.
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RE: Really rather good...

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Hello and congrats,
You might consider the aars here and at the SSG-r5 sight.. they will help. plus there are lots of articles designed to help new players understand important conceipts.. and remember there is lots of pbem oponents, some will even help you learn!!!
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