Bikini Test watercolors

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RE: Bikini Test watercolors

Post by olivier_slith »

having lived in a cold place, I'd rather be in Carson CIty than Siberia!
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RE: Bikini Test watercolors

Post by Grouchy »

Somewhat off topic but watch this video.
Go to:

and scroll down to watch the video clip.
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RE: Bikini Test watercolors

Post by hithere »

that has got to be one of the most funny things that i have seen....esp that pratical joke on the left bottom panel
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RE: Bikini Test watercolors

Post by Cherper »

My mother in law actually thinks that the Mars rover images are shot in Arizona

A friend of mine lives in Carson City, Nevada. He showed me (with pride) the local tourist attraction. From his back window you can see the bleak dusty plains where he says they tested the Lunar Rover. Not a lot of vegetation in his back yard. To put it mildly. Remind me never to move to Carson City [:)]

It isn't that bad. [;)] I've lived here a long time and never heard of the place where they filmed the lunar rover. I thought that was down by Vegas.

Actually the Nevada State Museum has the silver set from the USS Nevada on display. Pretty impressive stuff. I wanted to register for it when I got married, but my wife wanted china instead. [;)]

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RE: Bikini Test watercolors

Post by DrewMatrix »

but my wife wanted china instead.

Bad decision on the part of your wife. She will soon find she has to manintain a garrision there, but can't get a decisive win. Basically it is just a sponge, sucking up LCUs, air units and supplies your wife could put to better use in the DEI/Oz area.
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