is there a truce ability?

SPWaW is a tactical squad-level World War II game on single platoon or up to an entire battalion through Europe and the Pacific (1939 to 1945).

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is there a truce ability?

Post by rjinwootton »

i think my pbem opponentand myself have fought each other to a standstill and there is about 30 turns can we end the game fairly (not surrendering as the one requesting to surrender has a massive points loss)

any suggestions???????
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RE: is there a truce ability?

Post by Resisti »

There is no truce ability inside the game.

I can only suggest for both to stop moving your units and simply send the turn back and forth till you reach the last turn.
If you catch the other online you can solve the matter pretty fast.
Federico "Resisti" Doveri
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