Buying in Europe

Gary Grigsby's strategic level wargame covering the entire War in the Pacific from 1941 to 1945 or beyond.

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Buying in Europe

Post by Hartford688 »

Anyone bought this from the Euro store yet?

It shows up as EUR65 = $80, so $10 more than the US store.

This is about the VAT amount...has anyone bought this in the store and can tell me if it is EUR65 including VAT or more VAT gets added?

If it does, I'll go buy on the US store...with DD, there seems no point to pay more in the Europe store. I'll pay VAT either way, but the base cost is $10 less.
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Erik Rutins
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RE: Buying in Europe

Post by Erik Rutins »

If you look at the screens as you purchase the items and move into entering billing information, you should see info on VAT and a link to get more info. The store does indeed automatically add VAT for you and can provide a detailed VAT receipt. Thank you for your interest in WitP.


- Erik
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RE: Buying in Europe

Post by Dabo »

Any digital products sold into the European Union include a VAT (Tax) charge of 17.5%.
NOTE: If your product is being delivered outside of the EU, you will not be charged VAT once you have entered your payment information.

so I guess you have to add the VAT. If it's true it's better to buy at the USA store it's 82.5$ (68 €) instead of 75 €.

I wonder if it's possible to cheat by placing the oder from an outside UE country. [:D]
Adnan Meshuggi
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RE: Buying in Europe

Post by Adnan Meshuggi »


i am sitting in front of the desk of my office, it is half past 9 in the morning, 9 hours to go and i could have downloaded it by now.
I have ordered and i wait until i can leave, so i can download it at home.... how cruel is the world...
wait wait wait 9:36, 6 minutes have past.....

thank you matrix [&o][&o][&o][&o][&o][&o]

by the way, my credit card was expired in 03/02 !!!! so i used the one of my wimen... (oh yes, i married at 24.06..., no i am really imprisoned... ) sometimes we men could strike back [:D]
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RE: Buying in Europe

Post by Arkady »

geee, I'm from Czech Republic (EU member since May 2004) ... so 17,5% VAT is applied [:(]

I order game through US store's cheaper, $82.24 ...
regarding purchasing capacity here in CZ it is a lot of money, luckily for me I can afford it [8D] ....

another math ... I should play this game for 3 years at least (1095 days) => $0.075 per day [:D] => 2 Czech Crowns is a price of a one bun .... [:)]
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