Breaking enemy codes

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Breaking enemy codes

Post by Friese »

Does breaking enemy codes (60 COMINT Points) actually work? By now I've wasted several hundred COMINT Points (eight or nine attempts) already, but none of the attempts was successful.
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RE: Breaking enemy codes

Post by BJGeary »

It does work, but I sometimes have to save-scum, a LOT, for it to succeed. I also don't know how much effect this has in the game when you do succeed.

Historically the U.S. had already broken the Japanese Navy's code (the Japanese Army had their own, different, code) before the start of the war and the Japanese had no clue about it. The U.S. was still reading the Japanese Navy's com traffic 6 months later and thus were able to meet the fleet attacking Midway. Another year later, the U.S. was still reading the traffic and ambushed and killed Yamamoto on April 18, 1943. Yamamoto's plane was shot down near Bougainville Island, during an inspection tour of Japanese bases in the South Pacific. That pretty much finally clued in the Japanese that their code wasn't secure. On the flip side, the Japanese had also broken U.S. military and diplomatic codes prior to the start of the war. I'm not sure if the 1941 Pacific start factors in these facts.
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RE: Breaking enemy codes

Post by *Lava* »

Breaking codes is a bit frustrating... and costly. Then once you have broken the code you can spend more intell on a Comint site.

In my games, I don't try to break codes anymore. I just change my own whenever I have enough Comint points to do so.
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RE: Breaking enemy codes

Post by AlvaroSousa »

If you are playing the A.I. is reworks its code often.
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RE: Breaking enemy codes

Post by ago1000 »

Under the hood questions:
If you are successful in deciphering the code, is it an incremental percentage or random percentage of the enemy code which is deciphered? That is, each time you are successful in deciphering part of the code, 10%(?????) is deciphered or is it a random value(1%-100%) subtracted from the current level of encryption. That is, the first time you deciphered 10% of the code and the second attempt you deciphered 50% so that in total the enemy has 40% encryption level remaining.
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