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Decisive Campaigns: Ardennes Offensive is the fourth wargame in the Decisive Campaign series. Covering the battles in the Ardennes between December 1944 and January 1945, it brings to life Operational wargaming by lowering the scale to just above tactical level.

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new player help

Post by pmarvin »

Just got the game, read the manual...most intimidating even for a long-time wargamer like me (though I hasten to thank the devs for MAKING one, which is too often deferred to Youtube).
Is there anywhere a "guide" for new players? A summary of tips, best initial approaches, etc., to ease one into the game?
Thank you.

P Marvin
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RE: new player help

Post by SwampYankee68 »

Can't answer that exactly but I have found reading some of the manual, then playing a small scenario against the AI for a bit, till you get comfortable with it, then re-reading the manual, I find this helps understanding the concepts in the manual. Then replay and once you feel you have a good understanding of the basics, read up on the more advanced concepts, and try out a larger scenario.
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RE: new player help

Post by Jagger2002 »

Reading through this forum will give a ton of helpful information. Lots of discussions on areas of importance. There is a lot of depth to this game and takes a little time to grasp the concepts but once you do, it is very easy and rewarding to play.
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RE: new player help

Post by Misty99 »

First I read the manual. Then I am looking for videos on Youtube. Today I watched two good ones from Strategy Gaming Dojo. There are many more.
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