Crash to Desktop (CTD)

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Crash to Desktop (CTD)

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Crash to Desktop (CTD)

1. CTD (Crash to Desktop) upon starting the main game

Customers facing a CTD (Crash to Desktop) upon starting the main game / main executable please drop and email to:

Please attach a DirectX dialog file to your email.

Note: This applies only to CTD's that happen at starting up the game. Not to CTD's that happen in game. If you face an in game (while playing the game) CTD please post a bug report in the respective support forum.

2. CTD in game

Please make sure to first update DirectX, graphic drivers, sound drivers and chipset drivers.

If this still doesn�t help please drop a post in the respective support forum.

Please attach a DirectX Dialog file to your post and try to describe the problem as best as you can. That way the developers, tech support and testers are able to possibly reproduce this.
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