"Can't run game without the original CD in the drive"

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"Can't run game without the original CD in the drive"

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"Can't run game without the original CD in the drive"

1. Please make sure that you installed the correct patch for your version. US patch for US game version. UK patch for UK game version. Make also sure you applied them in the correct order.
2. Windows XP users please try this Microsoft update:


3. All common PC's these days are IDE based, with capacity for 2 devices on 2 channels. Each Channel supports a Master and a Slave device.

If you have multiple CD/ROM/DVD/RW drives, you will probably find that one of them is configured as a Master, and putting the CD in that drive resolves your problem.

If you happen to be in the situation where you do not have a CD/ROM in your system that is configured as a Master, you need to adjust your devices around a little. In the worst case situation, you will have to go to your local computer store and buy a $10 IDE cable and shift your CD/ROM from the Slave position on the first channel to the Master position on the second channel.

Each of your devices (hard drive, CD/ROM, DVD, etc) has some little jumpers that identify how to adjust between master and slave. If you cannot see a diagram on the unit, write down the part name/model and visit the manufacturer�s web site for the little chart of what the jumpers do.

Your first hard drive (the one your operating system is installed on) must be primary on channel 1. The other 3 can be mixed and matched as required as long as you do not configure a device as a slave with no master.

If this is too technical for you, you can find a local computer shop that can do the swap for a couple of bucks as it really is trivial for anyone who knows what�s inside the case.

You also might want to check this link:

If the above doesn�t help you then please drop an email to:

Please include a DirectX dialog file in the support email.
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