Help for Axis Player against AI

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Help for Axis Player against AI

Post by mikael333 »

I play my second grand campaign as axis. The first one failed because of the 1.1.42 victory point check.
It is now 24.8.41 in the second campaign, and although I think my play in general is better, the same might happen.
I am threatening Leningrad although probably cannot take it before the winter and stand on a line from east of of Pskov and Smolensk to forward of Odessa. I have 481 points right now and can probably take Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye and maybe also Orel, if I am optimistic.
The Sowjet losses are at 2.13 million with another 43 divisions currently encircled. Axis losses are at around 187.000. 4th Panzer stands in and before Krivoi Rog with no visible new Sowjet defense line. I am not planning to go for Moscow. The easiest way for the necessary point looks to me to be Sevastopol. Is that realistic? Should I divert a Panzer group from the center to the south to get it? If so, should I attempt to rail it over or drive? Or should I attempt to go for Tula, Orel and Kursk in the center? Some infantry is also next to Leningrad but the chance for a fast capture seems already over although I can probably isolate it.
Would you say, that the game is already lost?
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RE: Help for Axis Player against AI

Post by tm1 »

Have you captured Sevastopol yet ?

If so taking the river cites should get you over the line for the first year check.

If you have not try to take the city.

In my 3rd and best game I managed to isolate Leningrad and maintained the encirclement through the winter but it was touch and go at times.

Take the river cites in the south and push as far as you can past them if you manage to take Rostov you will have done better then me.

If you just even encircle Moscow great, but I got as far a Vyazma and Ryzhev and made my stand in front of Moscow where the terrain helped greatly.

In the south I had 3 lines of defence blocking the AI to the river cites.

As you may know the Russian winter counterattack recovered more territory in the centre then in the south however it can be a bit different in this game, well for me it was.

I lost more territory in the south than in the centre and North.

Good luck

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RE: Help for Axis Player against AI

Post by TallBlondJohn »

Go for Tula, Orel and Kursk and dig in beyond them, maybe push out towards Moscow as that will trigger the AI but be prepared to fall back.

Sevastopol is a tough siege and needs airpower to isolate the port. Plan for Moscow in 1942, Leningrad can be a secondary operation. That should do the trick.
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